Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ruban squashes ROK hopes for Individual title

Ruban squashes ROK hopes for Individual title
Viktor Ruban of Ukraine releases. (Photo credit: Gesang Dawa/Xinhua)

, August 15) -- Viktor Ruban of Ukraine prevented Park Kyung-mo of the Republic of Korea from winning ROK's first Men's Individual Olympic title with the very last arrow of their gold medal match at the Olympic Green Archery Field on Friday.

In a tightly-contested gold medal match, the No. 3 seed Ruban defeated the No. 4 seed Park 113-112.

Ruban was lucky to have been in the gold medal match having barely made it through the semifinals. To shoot in the gold medal match, Ruban had to break a 112-112 tie with Bair Badenov of the Russian Federation in a two-arrow shoot off.

Ruban squashes ROK hopes for Individual title
Ruban waves to spectators. (Photo credit: Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Park, the Individual silver medalist, was also lucky to have been in the gold medal match. He almost didn't make it into the top four, having tied Juan Carlos Stevens of Cuba in the quarterfinal match 108-108. On a two-arrow shoot off, Park launched a 10 to break the tie. Park then beat Juan Rene Serrano of Mexico in the semifinals, 115-112.

Ruban will add his Individual gold medal to his Team bronze won at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Park will add his Individual silver medal won in Beijing to his two Team Gold medals from the Athens Games and the Beijing Games.

In the bronze medal match, the No. 31 seed Badenov defeated the No. 1 seed Serrano, 110-105.

Stevens was fifth, Moriya Ryuichi of Japan sixth, Victor Wunderle for the United States seventh and Cheng Chu-sian of Malaysia eighth.

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