Monday, August 18, 2008

Blanik wins the gold medal in the Men's Vault

Blanik wins the gold medal in the Men’s Vault
Leszek Blanik of Poland celebrates with his coach (Photo Credit: Xinhua)

(BEIJING, August 18) -- Leszek Blanik of Poland scored 16.537 to win the gold medal in the Men's Vault in Beijing on August 18. Thomas Bouhail of France won the silver medal with the same score, but was placed second due to inferior execution.

The bronze medal went to Anton Golotsutskov of Russia who scored 16.475.

Blanik is the first Polish gymnast to win a gold medal in the Men's Vault. The 31-year-old veteran won a bronze medal at Sydney 2000.

Favorite for the gold, Romania's Marian Dragulescu, finished a disappointing fourth. The bronze medalist at Athens 2004 made a mistake on his second vault and it cost him dearly.

"I am unlucky in the Olympics. In Athens I was a favorite, but I made the same mistake like today. I am a multiple world champion, but in the Olympics, I haven't won a gold medal," said Dragulescu after the event.

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