Monday, June 2, 2008

China issues strict rules for summer Olympics

China issues strict rules for summer Olympics

Locking lips at Safeco Field will get you only a minor public outcry. But if you're going to the Chinese Olympic Games this summer, you'd better not mess with the rules.

The Beijing Olympic organizing committee issued a stern, 57-topic guide letting foreigners know what they can't do as they enjoy the games this August -- like sleep outdoors, enter Tibet or stage a protest without the government's permission.

No word on whether kissing is allowed in the stands, but so much for freedom of speech. According to the Associated Press, the guide forbids the display of insulting slogans and any religious or political banner that "disturbs the political order."

It also informs visitors that people with "mental diseases" -- whatever those are -- will be barred from events.

The Olympic committee earlier had to apologize after a volunteer guide that used striking stereotypes to describe the physically disabled spawned a wave of protest.

Read more from the Associated Press.

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